Surface Pro 4 / 3 ビジネス活用日記

Surface Pro 4 / Surface 3 の意外と知らない活用法を発信します

Surface Pro 3の15年1月ファームウェアアップデート:グラフィックスとWi-Fiの改善など






米国太平洋時間1月15日付けで、Surface Pro 3に14年11月以来となるファームウェアアップデートが配信されました。

(なお、同時にSurface Pro / Pro 2のファームウェアも配信されています)




Microsoft Surface Pro 3 update history | Surface firmware updates


これに加え、今回のファームウェアアップデートから、Surfaceチームによる公式ブログ"Surface for ITPros"で解説が掲載されるようになりました。



Firmware and Driver updates to get more from your Surface devices




 Surface for ITProsでの解説はどのようなものか




解説記事は、Surface開発チームのJ.C. Hornbeck 氏によって投稿されています。


Worldwide, IT Pros everywhere are adopting Microsoft Surface devices for their organizations. Many of you that have adopted Surface devices have asked to learn more about the driver and firmware updates for them since this helps you be better informed on the improvements and enables you to better support end users.  

So in that spirit, here is the list of improvements included in the January driver and firmware update. You can download these updates here.







 Intel(R) HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.14.4029)

  • Adds support for the Autodesk Mudbox 2015 paintbrush tool.
  • Ensures that unreadable text does not appear in the Microsoft Outlook calendar pane.
  • Improves performance of video display and zoom features in DirectX applications
  • Adds support for the fast cursor feature when using Miracast adapters, including the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. 
  • Ensures there is no flickering/blank display on externally connected monitors, especially when connecting multiple monitors in a daisy-chain configuration
  • Improves compatibility with Samsung U28D590D and Dell 2713Hb monitors. Some customers reported they saw a change in screen resolution when the device is docked and connected to Dell monitor. This has been addressed in the update.
  • Adds additional support to enable better compatibility with Panasonic and Actiontec Miracast adapters
  • Ensures there is no unexpected battery drain while the Surface device is in Connected Standby mode.
  • Resolves KMODE_Exception_Not_Handled system crash when using Excel PowerMap
  • Resolves some instances of Stop 0x9F and Stop 0x133 system crashes.
  • Resolves system hang that could occur if f.lux was enabled by an application.
  • Resolves system crash that could occur when attaching to external monitors immediately after waking the device from sleep or removing it from the docking station. 

Intel HD Graphics Family driverには非常に多くの改善点が含まれています。「システムクラッシュを解消」「Connected Standby中の意図しないバッテリー消費を確実に」など。


Marvell Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.3073.151)

  • As part of ongoing improvements to Wi-Fi experience on Surface Pro 3 device, customers now have the ability to manually select a preference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections for their device. We will publish a separate blog to describe this functionality further so more customers can take advantage of this capability.
  • Modifies power management logic to allow the wireless adapter to function properly when the Hyper-V feature is enabled in Windows.
  • For European Union customers, there are specific requirements outlined in EN 300 328 v1.8.1. This update includes capabilities to stay current on these requirements, including an LE switch to better control energy detection and Bluetooth Power setting.
  • Resolves a low throughput scenario when using Cisco 3702 access points in 11ac mode.

Marvell Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driverにも改善点多数です。






 Surface Home Button driver update (v2.0.1179.0)

  • Improves compatibility with Surface Hub application.

Surface Integration driver update (v2.0.1182.0)

  • Improves compatibility of Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10.

Microsoft Docking Station Audio Device driver update (v1.31.35.7)

  • Addresses scenario where no sound would play while the device was docked without an external speaker connected.

その他の更新では、ドッキングステーションやホームボタンの問題が修正され、Windows 10との互換性が改善しています。





ファームウェア更新プログラムは、通常はWindows Updateにより自動的にインストールされます。

手動で今すぐ適用するには、チャームの「設定」→「PC設定の変更」→「保守と管理」→「Windows Update」→「今すぐチェック」→「詳細の表示」→「インストール」でどうぞ。




Download Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro firmware and driver packs from Official Microsoft Download Center